About our Workshop Speaker

Rev. Dr. Bryan Eckelmann is Lead Pastor at Trinity United Presbyterian Church in Santa Ana. Prior to serving at Trinity, Bryan served as the Pastor for Congregational Care at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Newport Beach, where he led the church’s Care Ministries of counseling and visitation to those in need. During his 30 years as a pastor, Bryan has spoken extensively on relationships and counseled countless persons in issues of marriage and divorce.

Divorce Recovery Support Groups and Workshop

The key to Divorce Recovery Workshop’s success is in the utilization of our experienced facilitators. All of our facilitators are divorced and understand “first hand” the challenges of divorce. Our facilitators personally interact with participants in small divorce support groups, creating an environment of caring, trust, and compassion.

Last year approximately 25,000 people in Orange County experienced the dissolution of their marriage. The failure rate for first marriages continue to be about 50%, while 65% of second marriages end in divorce. Thousands of people in our community have been deeply affected by the tragedy of divorce.

Jim Smoke, whose divorce recovery workbook we will be using in the Workshop, has said, “You can go through a divorce or you can grow through it.” No matter how close or distant the divorce experience is for you, you will find both the lecture topics as well as the support and understanding of others dealing with similar issues to be tremendously helpful in making one of life’s most difficult adjustments. These sessions are designed for those who are dealing with the finality of a terminated marriage, rather than the possibility of reconciliation.