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Divorce Recovery Program for Teens

For those with teenage children, it can be particularly hard to tell your teenager that you are getting a divorce. Your teen is in a natural phrase of independence and rebellion, and their emotions can be explosive. They may tell you that they do not care if you get a divorce, or they might tell you it is all your fault. Regardless of what they say, they are also hurting and need support.

The Divorce Recovery Workshop for Teens program is a support group for teens designed to give your teen an opportunity to interact with other teens whose parents are also going through a divorce. The program success is due to creating a small group environment that allows teens to share their experiences and express their feelings in a trusting environment and the program is fun!

Teen Workshop (grade 6, junior high and high school)

Concurrent Four Week Teen Workshop

How can we help?

The Divorce Recovery for Teens Program is designed for children in grades 6-12. In a small group format, they are encouraged to express their emotions. We also share strategies for dealing with those emotions in a positive way. We allow them to be angry or sad while encouraging them to work towards healing.

An important aspect of the Teen Workshop is teaching them the foundations of strong, healthy relationships. We discuss ways to develop and maintain quality, enduring relationships with friends, family and their community.

What is in it for you and them?

As a member of the Divorce Recovery Teen Workshop your teen will:

  • Meet other teens coping with parents divorce.
  • Be encouraged to express their emotions about your divorce.
  • Learn to build strong, healthy relationships.